Grade 2M: Week of February 20th

Welcome to February!

Here are some important dates for the month:

February 19th, Family Day = no school

February 26th – March 2nd, Convention Break = no school

This is what we are focusing on for the week:

Language Arts:

  • Reading for comprehension
  • Printing fundamentals
  • Working on reading strategies (summarizing, predicting, using background knowledge, Beginning, Middle, End of a paragraph/story)
  • Quick Writes – writing from a picture prompt
  • Poetry booklets – 5 senses poems
  • Capitals and periods, exclamation mark, question mark
  • Long and short vowels (a, e, i, o, u)
  • Readers’ Theatre – We will work on our presentation skills by doing a readers’ theatre short play. The focus will be to speak clearly, speak loudly and use expression when we speak/present. Props/costumes will be incorporated in our readers’ theatre. Students have the option of memorizing the play.
  • We are looking at different ways to start our sentences. We are focusing on a “prepositional” sentence starters. A preposition lets the reader know about the where, when or how of the subject. For example, “On Saturday, they went to the store.” “Next to the school, the grade 2’s were exercising.”
  • Words of the Week: jump, every, where, take, pretty (Challenge: shelter, transportation)

Every week, we will be adding words to our personal dictionaries. We will look at the shape of the letters in the words, the rhyming sounds, as well as organizing it alphabetically. Words will be used in sentences and at the end of the week, we will have a spelling quiz with these new words.


  • Students will be able to show numbers to 100 as tens and ones using a variety of materials and compare and order numbers to 100.
  • Students will be able to add and subtract to 18 and look for patterns in digits when adding and subtracting.
  • Students will be able to understand and use the relationship between addition and subtraction. For example, 2 + 7 = 9 and 9 – 7 = 2
  • Students will be able to find out if 2 sides of a number sentence are equal or not equal. For example, 10 = 6 + 4 and 3 + 6 ≠ 10

Social Studies:

  • We will delve back into our unit about Northern Canada and look into how the people and the land interact in the North. We will use Iqaluit as our example.


  • Grade 2’s: The following links below are there to help you with your Northern research: (throat singing) (Arctic games) (print-making) (Inuit sculptures) (Food) (language) (Nunavut flag, official bird and official flower) (clothing) (Festivals and holidays)




  •      Leadership Journalling
  •      Relationship building
  •      Mindfulness and being a Zen Den Master

Upcoming Events:

 Please see the above the link for more information about NEW online registration and fee payment for all clubs.


Other News:

Looking to be involved in 2M?

  • Parent volunteers are needed for our class. Please let me know if you can assist in and out of the classroom.

Since WGH is an Apple School and in lieu of a birthday food treat (cupcakes, cookies, etc) for the class, as an alternative, a book donation can be made to our school’s library. We will read the book in class and then donate it to our school’s library with the following message: This book was donated by ___________________ in Grade 2M to celebrate his/her birthday. Thank you for supporting our Apple School.


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